EZ Mount Rest Handgun Rack 

can be purchased on Amazon

for $19.99

EZ Mount Rest can be contacted at jim@ezmountrest.com

It is a new design Handgun Rack that is very unique.

So unique that it has a US Patent #D770,803 S

It is made from a material that will not scratch or damage your gun in any way! 

The material that it is made of is very durable and should last a lifetime with normal use.

The rack is made to hold from a large frame revolver down to a very small compact.

The Handgun Rack can be taken apart and reassembled in seconds.

That makes it the only Handgun Rack that I know of that is Portable.

When taken apart an is very compact and will take up very little room in your range bag.

You can take this Handgun Rack anywhere you might need it.

The Handgun Rack has a Lifetime warranty from EZ Mount Rest!

The material is made in USA and is proudly built in USA!

You can watch the video below to get more information on the Handgun Rack.

Great 5 slot Handgun Rack from EZ Mount Rest