It is a new design Bench Rest/Firearm support that is very unique!!! So unique that it has a US Patent #D771,214 S
The EZ Mount Rest Shooting System also come with Stock Supports that are 1/4", 1/2 " and 1" thick to adjust the height of the buttend of the stock to position the firearm in the perfect zero point when sighting your firearm in.

The EZ Mount Shooting System is made from a material that will not damage your firearm in anyway.
The material is very durable and should last a lifetime of normal use.
The Bench Rest/Firearm support can be taken apart and reassembled in seconds. With the design and materials used          it makes a very rigid bench rest to shoot your firearm off of.

The other great feature about the Bench Rest/Firearm Support is that you can free stand you firearm on it. It make for a great firearm support that you can place on a table to work on the firearm, clean your firearm or work on a scope on that firearm.

It is very lite weight and portable that breaks down to fit in a bag that it comes in making it great to take to the range or use werever you need it. GREAT TO REPLACE THOSE HEAVY SANDBAGS THAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR RANGE BAG!!!!!

Lifetime warranty from EZ Mount Rest!
It is proudly made in USA with material made in USA!

EZ Mount Rest Shooting System with Bench Rest and Stock Support


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EZ Mount Rest Shooting System

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You can watch the video below to get more information on the Shooting System